An interlude from the ordinary, Ramadan is the season of reconnecting with your roots and welcoming precious blessings home. This season warrants beautiful new beginnings, and is the perfect time to revamp your home decor with a fresh, contemporary style. 

But where do you start?

Here is a complete collection of our top home decor tips and an all-inclusive guide to welcome this Ramadan season in a chic, elegant, and luxurious style.

1. Illuminate your living space

Good lighting is one of the most important aspects of smart design; Aim to create an atmosphere that exudes luxury and elegance with a neutral decor palette that is well-lit by warm lighting. 

Our stunning range of stainless steel lanterns with deluxe metallic finishes in gorgeous gold and silver hues, and our polystyrene lanterns with LED rice lights create the perfect atmosphere and illuminate your living space with a warm and saturated glow.

Add smaller LED candles as accent pieces around the home for hassle-free design.

2. Fresh flowers add an exquisite pristine

Nothing beats fresh flora when it comes to revamping your home decor. Precious floral arrangements create a vibrant, soothing, and comforting atmosphere and are the perfect finishing touch to your home decor. 


Stick to the neutral color palette with pure white roses, eternal white tulips and carnation or add a pop of color with honey yellow tulips, sky blue hydrangeas, or charming nodding pincushion flora stored in our ceramic gold-finish vase from the Irony Home Ramadan collection.

3. Upgrade your dining room 


Beginning the day with Suhoor and ending it with Iftar during Ramadan season makes crafting a fine dining experience for your loved ones an important task. 

Enamor family and guests with a carefully organized dinner table complete with good food, comfortable seating, a cozy atmosphere, and exquisite dinnerware, serveware and cutlery. Ramadan is the time for family, faith, and fasts; and when the table is set for Iftar after a long day of fasting, your attention to these minor details will create a memorable experience for your loved ones.

4. Let luxurious aromas flow through 

Let fresh air in and stimulate the senses with soft scents spread across your home. Aromatic candles create a sweet sensuous atmosphere that is not too heavily scented and overpowering, and placing them ornately on countertops, shelves, and on dining tables not only refreshes the ambiance, but adds a warm glow as well. 

Another subtle way to add an aromatic aura to your home is by placing fragrant potpourri within decorous table top bowls or long trays, that will not only flood your home with floral ambrosia, but beautifies your interior decor with precious floral detailing.

5. Small accents are essential

Miniature decor pieces in metallic or matte finishes add a pronounced yet subtle grace to your decor, and can ardently elevate your interior design. Place smaller trinkets and decor ornaments on your center table, shelves, and on counter tops to pull the entirety of your impeccable decor together.

Table runners on the dinner table, small candle holders, and star-wax filled votives from the Irony Home Ramadan collection are great examples of accent pieces that elevate your decor remarkably.

6. Have fun with your decor ideas!

Lastly, truly engaging with the art of interior design and letting your creative juices flow is the ultimate goal with preparing your home for Ramadan festivities.

Adopt our suggestions and our products into your decor designing and do not be afraid to experiment with ideas that are unordinary; create a design for your home that is uniquely yours.

We hope you have a wonderful time welcoming this season of bountiful blessings!

Ramadan Kareem.