SS Styling 22” with Irony Home

Short days and long chilly nights of the winter season have ended, giving headway to the bright and fresh summer days;

This change in season not only demands a change in your wardrobe, recipes, and self-care practices, but also in your home’s design.

summer home

via casa de valentina

Whether it’s sticking to smaller summer accents to just brighten up a room, or a complete redesign of your home to welcome summer, we have compiled a list, inspired by nature, that will help reflect the freshness of the summer season in your home.

Here’s 8 ways to embrace the spring - summer season in your home’s design:

1. Linen Living

Swapping out warmer beddings and furniture with lightweight and comfortable linens is the perfect way to start. Breathable linen sheets, pillowcases, couch covers, and curtains create an atmosphere of freshness while maintaining a luxurious look and feel of your home’s design.

linen living                                                 via Architectural digest

The neutral tones of lines also pair perfectly with any design style and a versatile addition to any décor plan.

2. Flower Power

Get inspired by nature and let fresh floral aromas flow through your home by adding flower arrangements around your living spaces.. Not only are flowers a quick and easy way to brighten up any room, but are an affordable, zero commitment element of summer inspired styling that you can introduce to your home.

fresh flowers

                                          Via Irony Home

Fresh Blooms from Irony Home are perfect for spring - summer home styling.

3. Coast to Coast

A piece of coral on your coffee table, sea glass inspired vases around your home, seashell inspired home and dining accessories are all reminiscent of summertime joy. Add these minor details to your indoor and outdoor living spaces to make your home feel like a warm summer day.

coastal home

                                              via Irony Home

Shop the Irony Home Seashell Symphony Collection of transcendent aqua inspired home and dining accessories and pair beautifully with our sea salt home aroma collection.

4. Patio Prep

A good place to start with preparing your patio for the summertime is bringing out some outdoor furniture and arranging a comfortable seating area. Throw cushions, shady parasols, a coffee table, and some candles around the patio create the perfect atmosphere for both daytime and nighttime summer soirees with your loved ones.

beautiful patio
                           Via Architectural Digest

The Irony Home lighting collection has the perfect lamps, candles, and votives for your patio.

5. Summertime Hue’s

While vibrant hues can be tricky to pull off indoors, a statement décor piece, like a vibrant couch, bright curtains, or a summery wallpaper add a fresh summertime reminiscence without being a huge commitment.

summer decor

                                             Via apartment therapy

Neutral furniture pieces such as wicker chairs, cushioned ottomans, and clean-lined metal tables are perfect complements for these radiant summery hues like bright blues, gorgeous yellows, and fresh greens.

6. Sheer Textures and Rattan Furnishings

Sheer curtains are a great way to add a little flair to your room without blocking too much light, and when paired with rattan furnishings, they speak of summertime brightness.

sheer curtains
                                    Via tuisblinds

Rattan bar carts, center and side tables, and other rattan furnishings are low-maintenance summer accent pieces that work the summer magic effortlessly.

7. Ready your fire pit

fire pit aesthetic
                                             Via walker warner architects'

Make sure your fire pit is clean and in working condition before you use it—nothing ruins a fun summer evening like a faulty gas line. That said, nothing adds to the ambiance of an evening spent around an open fire pit quite like barbequing and toasted marshmallows.

8. Reconnect with nature

outdoor garden

Smaller ferns, succulents, and other home plants ventilate smaller places, and add a unique freshness to the outdoors. Place green plants around your home to welcome home the beauty of summer blooms, into your home.