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A Mindful Home: Home Décor Ideas
A Mindful Home: The perfect guide on how to decorate your home.   A study conducted by IKEA in 2021 about life at home and patterns of work-home ba...

SMALL SPACE, LARGE LIVING - Maximizing small living spaces to create larger than life homes

Living Space
Recreate your Home to make your current living space appear spacious and elegant: unique designs and smart living room decorations Creating a desi...

#DEARDUBAI - Creating a solitude amidst the bustling city lights

Dubai Home
#DearDubai a blog on how to create the most of your Dubai Life. Live your best life while living in Dubai In this brand new segment of Irony Home ...

SS Styling 22” with Irony Home

Summer Home Design Ideas
Home Design Ideas to transform your home this Summer. Summer Styling to improve your living space! Short days and long chilly nights of the wint...

RAMADAN 2022: Design Digest

RAMADAN 2022: DESIGN DIGEST                                                A complete guide to home decor and design essentials for the auspicious month-long celebration of Ramadan - ironyhome
An interlude from the ordinary, Ramadan is the season of reconnecting with your roots and welcoming precious blessings home. This season warrants b...

5 Design trends for 2021

5 DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2021 - ironyhome
With the COVID pandemic impacting so many industries, our home space is no exception as we spend more time indoors.  The demand of living a new lifestyle has forced us to reimagine our spaces to create functional homes for zoom meetings, remote learning or just a creative space.