“Out with the old and in with the bold” seems to be a primitive characteristic of the splendid design trends we will see in 2023, a much-needed breath of fresh air after the minimalist projects we have seen in the post-pandemic era.
2023 Interior Design trends
The new year brings with it new hope for a better, more sustainable future, that is unapologetically bold and beautiful.
These maximalist ideas are expressed in the design trends for 2023, and here's how you can incorporate them into your home to celebrate this vibrant spirit of the year.


From the history books
A trend for introducing what's worked best historically will be seen this year, but with a twist of modern functionality and sustainable design. From bold prints on powder room walls, and vintage architecture-inspired interiors to honey-onyx bathrooms, and neutral pine-wood furniture; 2023 will see quite a few of the best design trends & materials making a comeback.


One of the biggest design trends in recent history has been minimalism, and although its use of negative space and neural tones was charming, it's finally time to say goodbye to this trend.
personality-driven design
Interior design in 2023 is going to be vibrant and driven by the principles of maximalism and personal taste; with some inspiration from the classics. This includes bright accent walls, bold prints, big statement art pieces, and unique home decor.


Although trends in vintage design are enchanting and some truly will never go out of style - architecture-inspired design and feng-shui interiors; the sustainable design is in and neglectful design is out.
sustainable interior design
Use of renewable energy in the home through solar-powered lighting, compound and reused materials for furniture and fixtures, as well as naturally-well lit, mindful interior design, are trends that will not only make a massive difference in your home but will improve the future of our planet.


Aptly known as the line of gods, a simple curvature can add a remarkable Luxor and depth to any design. Modernist curves have dominated the interior design scene for the last decade, and seem to be a trend that will be seen heavily in 2023 interior design.
modernist curves
The naturally luxurious and enchantingly rich volume of the modernist curve will be seen in both indoor and outdoor design, adding a unique yet sleek modern style to any classic home. 


Playing with the shadows & tones that light casts in a home can speak volumes about the expertise of the designer that crafted the design.
Lighting, in recent history, is seen as a form of design and self-expression in itself, adding richness where it's required and subtracting as need be. A great alternative to the massive light fixture trend seen in 2021 and 2022 is using smaller LED candles throughout the home. 
lightning art
An exciting revolution in the way we use candles in design is due to the entry of flameless LED candles like the ones available on our website by Piffany Copenhagen's Eledea and Uyuni Lighting.
Hand-made from 100% virgin parrafin wax, these flameless and hassel-free candles are the future.