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Matthiola - Purple - ironyhome
Matthiola - Purple - ironyhome

Matthiola - Purple

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Sheer ethereal beauty is what Matthiola represents or also known as Stocks. This sweet scent of their blooms is sure to fill your home.

Approximate stem length:  60cm 

Care Tips:

1. Cut stems 45 degrees diagonally with a sharp knife or a pair of scissors.
2. Change water every two days.
3. Remove any fallen flowers/leaves on the water surface.
4. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and avoid placing them in a room with high humidity.
5. Add flower food to water if desired to increase lifespan.
6. If flowers start to droop, check if there is too much or too little water.
7. Re-cut the stems if the end is soggy.

Flowers are delivered to you with Irony Home special paper and hand-tied with Irony Home ribbon.

The vase is not included. Greenery and other flower add-ons s(ex. picks, butterflies, birds, and boxes) are sold separately.

As with all-natural products, there may be slight variances in color.

If the color is not available, we will notify you immediately.


All orders are processed within 24 hours.

Delivery within 3-5 working days  after placing and confirmation of order/s.confirmation of order/s.

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