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Perfect for a day at work, the office and the home, our Grapefruit Pomelo diffuser is a clean, fresh scent that is sure to refresh any room. The rich sweet grapefruit and succulent peach of this diffuser blend mixes with fresh mint leaves and cassis buds to create a vibrant fragrance. It's time to bring the bold, sophisticated and unique atmosphere of sea salt into your home with this Grapefruit-Pomelo Diffuser. This strong and memorable scent is a fresh and fruity blend of Sweet Grapefruit, Juicy Peach and Cassis Buds, with undertones of Fresh Mint, Persimmon and Bergamot.

Soothe the senses with this unique grapefruit pomelo scent. A thoughtful gift for anyone who loves citrus scents, or for those looking for something refreshingly unique. Provide your room with a touch of sunshine with a soothing and energizing fragrance for the entire house. The diffuser uses fresh aromatic essential oils that make your personal space fragrant and lively. The product contains a diffuser bottle with essential oils, reeds made out of natural bamboo sticks. The diffuser reeds releases fragrance into the air by allowing the highly concentrated perfumed liquid to seep up through the reeds and evaporate. The reeds will absorb the fragrance and needs to be flipped for complete absorption of the liquid fragrance.

Display in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.