Rima’s passion and design sensibilities were shaped by her years of experience transforming homes and spaces into something magical and uniquely designed that resonates with her clients’ desires. She has built an outstanding reputation for quality and for sensible and sophisticated creations. She has been commissioned to work with some of the most renowned properties all over the world.

After viewing the space and considering the people who will inhabit or move through space, Rima does not only focus on the look or design aesthetics but the emotions she wants to evoke.  


Located on the vibrant country of Oman, overlooking the gorgeous Arabian Peninsula, my team and I were commissioned to work on this luxurious beach house project.

Every space captures the breathtaking view of the coast while white-painted walls favorably accentuate the active interior details that visibly dominate the space, simultaneously filling areas with air and light.


This luxurious gated estate in the heart of Dubai, UAE offers an unrivalled address and lifestyle.

Sophisticated and charming, I’ve had the opportunity to do a delicate and luxurious design of the entire villa using cool colors with neutrals that gives a relaxing and calming vibe as well as choosing the right furniture, home decors and furnishing, leaving a homey and comforting feel.


The finest residential community in the beautiful island of Palm, Dubai, UAE, this spacious, elegant and gorgeous living space was designed with the finest of details, providing a premium experience for the client.

I’ve had the freedom of choice to develop and elevate the interior space – from internal layout to design finishes and furnishing, building the perfect holiday home.

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