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Hydrangeas are the quintessential romantic summer bloom. For a contemporary and sophisticated appeal to your interiors, hydrangeas are the best addition to your home.

These enormous bulbs of flowers are available all summer long and have a beautiful palette of colors - pure white, pink to hot pink, green, and powdery blue that matches any occasion.

NOTE: Vase is not included. Greenery and flower add-ons such as picks, butterflies, and birds are sold separately.

As with all-natural products, there may be slight variances in color.

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If the color is not available, we will notify you.  


  1. Boil up some water and fill your vase/ bucket.

  2. Strip the leaves off of cut hydrangea stems.

  3. Cut the hydrangeas stems to your desired length, preferably 1" - 2" at a 45-degree angle. Then smash the very bottom of the stem to allow more water to sip through.

  4. Immediately place the stem in the boiling water and leave them there. 

  5. If the hydrangea blooms start to wilt prematurely, submerge them in room temperature water for about 45 minutes. 

  6. If you find it is wilting quickly, dunk its whole head in room temperature water. (NOT BOILING) 

  7. Remember to replace the water every other day to keep them fresh longer. Also, give hydrangeas a fresh cut and dip the stem in boiling water for 30 seconds before putting them in the freshwater!

NOTE:  The boiling water treatment can also be used to revive wilting heads after a day or so and the hydrangea heads will look fresh again.