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Known as Bunny tails, this bunch of dried lagurus has soft, lovely tips and are incredibly tactile. They would be a nice add on to any flower arrangement or can be a stand-alone in a vase for that clean and contemporary look.

Lasts for 10-12 months.

Sold by bunch.

NOTE: Due to the nature of dried/preserved products, each stem/bunch will be unique in color, shape, and size.


Dried Lagurus Care Tips

  1. Keep them out of direct sunlight and areas of bright light.  This will cause the colors to fade and can make it brittle. 

  2. Avoid putting them in rooms with high humidity. This can cause them to turn limp and brown, or sometimes even moldy.  

  3. Display dried lagurus indoors, where they are protected from any elements such as constant moving or touching. 

  4. Unlike fresh flowers, dried lagurus do not need water.

  5. It should be placed where there’s good airflow.  

  6. If they become dusty, a careful whisk with a soft brush is usually sufficient to clean them.