5 Tips for creating the perfect atmosphere for your dinner party

Dinner parties can be fun but also a lot of hard work. Here are our top tips for creating an an inviting atmosphere.

1. Keep the lights low 

Harsh Bright lighting is something we have had to get used to in Dubai, but that doesn’t mean your Dinner Party should feel like entering Dubai Mall. Dimming your lights immediately creates atmosphere, and your guests will feel a lot more relaxed.

2. Candles

Scented Candles in your entrance or hallway like the ones from Maisey will give a warm welcome make your guests feel uplifted as they enter your home. Unscented candles can add movement and warmth to the dining table. Use flameless candles in lanterns that can be used time and time again without making a mess. This doesn't need to be an expensive habit; Check out Maisey’s  XXX candle which last’s over a month depending on burning time.

3. Use disposable fabric napkins

If you buy great quality disposable napkins they come in various colors and patterns which can bring new life to a simple table setting for a fraction of the cost of reusable napkins. This also make clean up simple and hassle free. Stay tuned for some fabulous napkins on ironyjome.com

4. Bring in warm colors

I like to set it off with a flower or two, Bring in stunning gold elements to you décor like these ceramic Gold vases simply placed along your table. The gold will reflect the light of your candles and dazzle your guests.

5. Turn on the music!

Last but not least, don't forget the music. Nobody enjoys an awkward silence, play stylish background music that doesn’t overpower but compliments your soiree.