Home Painting Ideas: Interior designs & home paints that blend harmoniously

Home Painting Ideas: Interior designs & home paints that blend harmoniously. A Shade of You is a guide to choose the perfect color for your living space.

From picking the right paint palette to match your tastes, to finding the perfect accent colors to elevate your home décor. Here are some expert tips that will help you set the tone for a luxurious and vibrant home.

Image courtesy: M Serhat Sezgin (home painting)

The interiors of your home are a reflection of your persona, so selecting a color palette for the walls of your home that speak your unique style but also incorporate traditional values of classic color designing can be a complicated process.

The first question people approach our expert Interior Designer and Irony Home founder, Rima Dardenne with is, “What colors should I pick for painting my home?”
Thus here’s a compiled list of things to consider when designing for color:

1. Start with assessing the light, scale & interior design of your room

The natural light and the expansive scale of your home play an important role in determining the paint colors you should select. Moreover the color palettes used for designing homes in cities like New York and London do not translate well into the radiantly bright natural sunlight the city of Dubai has to offer.


Image courtesy: Ken Dowing (home paint) 

Rima suggests the use of warmer tones to complement the natural sunlight of sunny Dubai, and selecting paint colors of the neutral, cozy and vibrantly-warm variety.
This will not only give your walls a versatility that synchronizes with most styles of interior design, but will also give you a neutral canvas you can adorn with your favorite artwork and more.

2. Put your paint to the test

Investing in a huge can of paint without testing it ahead of time can be both cost and time consuming, with the weighing probability of unsatisfactory results. 
Rima hence recommends purchasing a small can of paint and testing it by painting a 24 x 24 inch square to view how the color translates onto your wall. 
Taking a note of how it appears during the early morning, noon, dusk, and nighttime.

Image courtesy: theyellowcapecod (home paint)

It is difficult to assess the undertones and delicate nuance the color adds to your home with a small chip of paint; you can alternatively achieve this by using a poster board and viewing the varying undertones once the paint has dried.

3. When in doubt, neutrals are the best way out!

Although the galore of eccentric hues can charm you into picking a color palette as vast as the vibrant spread of the rainbow. But if you are uncertain about the colors that would be idyllic for your home, neutrals are your best bet.

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Knowles & Christou (Home paint)

Rima has an undying love for white paint, as it presents a blank canvas with unlimited potential. Hence every other style of décor, furniture, artwork, and lighting looks captivating against it. Additionally, untainted whites with zero secondary hues are the ideal choice. They work in almost all spaces, especially Benjamin Moore Dove White. Whites and other neutrals will add unparalleled sophistication and Luxor to your home. This will complement every other design piece and décor beautifully.

4. Paint connects everything

When designing interiors, Rima’s design assessment process entails accessing everything from the floors to the woodwork and all of the existing fixtures. Then begins the review process with noting the furnishings the clients intend to keep and items that are due updates; then conclusively finalizing the interior design plan.

Image courtesy: Elitis (home paint)

The spine of every good interior design process is the wall color. It sets the tone for the rest of the plans - from furnishing to flooring, fixtures to décor.
Above all, the wall color sets the tone, as the right paint choice will highlight all of the other designs.

5. Accent colors add a unique charm

Accent colors are where you can truly personalize your home. Neutral walls paint a canvas that perfectly complements the vivid hues of your accent pieces. 
Rima decided to experiment with white walls, in her Switzerland apartment. Rather than opting for her favorite dark gray walls with beautiful white trims and loved the outcome. It is a clean, easy, and bright chic look that pairs beautifully with darker wood floors.

6. Don’t forget the ceiling

Think of your ceiling as a space for creating a new accent wall. Adding vibrant paint colors to your ceiling can give your room a luxurious & subtle eccentric touch. 
Image courtesy: realsimple.com
Rima suggests that if the ceilings are without ornate architectural detailing. It can be painted with a chic pop of color to add that drama and mystique to your home.

7. Personalize like a Pro

Although different interior design styles will demand different paint colors, textures, and styles, always stick to your gut feeling and personalize the colors that will saturate your home to your unique taste.
Image courtesy: Richard Powers
Traditional paint theories suggests design options that you must consider, but at the end of the day, customizing traditional concepts to better fit your personal style is what will make your home uniquely yours;
So add those shades of your favorite colors and pick an unconventional décor style to help paint your home in a shade as unique as you.