#DEARDUBAI - Creating a solitude amidst the bustling city lights

#DearDubai a blog on how to create the most of your Dubai Life. Live your best life while living in Dubai

In this brand new segment of Irony Home blogs, we explore how you can create a home that you would love coming back to after a long day, truly taking joy in the solace it brings you, amidst the bustling yet breathtaking city of Dubai.
Dubai skyline view
Here’s how you can create a solitude amidst the bustling city lights of Dubai:

1. Embrace the heat while living in Dubai

The heatwaves that the bright and sunny summer days bring in a desertous city like Dubai can get overwhelming. But small changes in your home décor and design can help your home adjust to the heat.
linen bedding

Via brightonhomes (living in Dubai)

Linen bedding, sheer curtains, and a surmount of potted plants around the house can help ventilate your home . While adding an unparalleled freshness to the overall ambiance.

2. Sheer for the win

Sheer fabrics replacing the warmer winter materials around your home can help you prepare a cool and breezy home in Dubai where temperatures can rise above 55 degree Celsius. 
Sheer curtains
Use fabrics like sheer linens, nylons and cotton around your home to help ventilate.

3. Scents that Refresh

The indoors need to reflect the fresh outdoors in Dubai. From its white sandy beaches, its well-preserved indoor forests, and desert citrons that grow even in the heat. 
sea salt scent
The Irony Home aromatherapy collection consisting of sea salt, cut grass and grapefruit pomelo scents will elevate the comfort you find in your home's solace 

4. Of Rattan and Pops of Color

Set up a good outdoor seating area as Dubai is all about the outdoors; from the towering city skyscrapers to beautiful beaches, a comfortable outdoor seating area complete with rattan furnishings, fresh potted plants and flora, and summery pops of color will always add to the experience that is the Dubai outdoors.
rattan furniture

Via completely coastal (Dubai life)

5. Lamps, lanterns, luxurious décor

The exuberant nightlife and its surmounting luxuries are what this city its best known for, so add some of that midnight magic to your home without compromising the peace and solace it offers. 
You can go about this with adding a luxurious feel to your home's design with art pieces that speak for themselves, creating a dining area that exudes luxury with dim lights and good placemats and serve ware, and finally, some beautiful lamps and lantern around your home from the Irony Home Lighting collection to add that soft, radiant luminosity.

6. Go big or go home

This marvelous is really not about that less is more lifestyle; from the most luxurious indoors to the most breathtaking outdoors, Dubai has it all. If you'd like to maintain a home with an interior design that is more on the minimalist end, resort to statement pieces that steal the spotlight; but if you'd like to truly experience the spirit of the city, go big or go home!
Luxurious Dubai Home
Tall French windows, luxurious drapes and carpets, décor accessories that stun in a glance, and outdoor arrangements that take your breath away, are the real way to create a solitude in the enamoring city of Dubai
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