SMALL SPACE, LARGE LIVING - Maximizing small living spaces to create larger than life homes

Recreate your Home to make your current living space appear spacious and elegant: unique designs and smart living room decorations

Creating a design that matches your tastes perfectly can be a tedious task in itself. And when the additional barrier of limited Living Spaces is added to the mix, compromises in some of your design elements for living room decoration can seem unavoidable. But, there’s a solution to every design problem, and we are here to help!
Large Living Irony Home
Here’s some tips on how you can make the most of a limited space. Also how to  maximize your home's scale without compromises to the quality of your design.

Whether in a more literal sense, or simply metaphorically, thinking of creative ways you can maximize your space instead of applying the traditional design theories to fit your home, will help you explore options you never knew were possible.

Barn Doors

Via Mylene Fernandes living space

Firstly floating shelves, rugs to separate sections of the house, sliding barn doors to create the illusion of a larger space. Furniture with storage, lower seating for low-rise ceilings, displaying artwork and mirrors strategically, are all great ways to maximize your living space.

 2. Make friends with all things multifunctional

Furniture that doubles as storage, shelving for displaying décor pieces and for storing books and more, shelves that double as work desks, and couches that double as beds, are all your best friends when it comes to maximizing smaller living spaces.
Use these multifunctional tools to expand the scale of your home.
Multi-functional furniture

3. Mirrors are essential

Mirrors create the illusion of a large living space, they reflect any natural light you have in the room, and also double as decorative pieces with a flexible functionality. Place a large mirror across the room to double the living space visually, or simply add a number of smaller mirrors as decorative pieces.
Full length mirror

4. A feng-shui inspired living space

Arranging your décor pieces to be in balance with the natural world is the basic principle of the ancient Chinese practice of feng-shui. Simply put, it is incorporating the five elements of the earth in your design to create a design that is harmonious. 

Via the spruce living space 

However faceing your bigger furniture pieces like sofas and beds facing the doorways. Making sure the entrance of every room is well-lit and harmonious with the rooms desig. Also decluttering often to maintain a clean space, and incorporate natural elements like metal and wood in your design.

5. Harmonious décor elements 

A consistent color pallet, décor elements that synchronize beautifully, and textures that blend well together play a very important part in the look of a beautiful home. These elements play a huge role in creating a marvelous design in a bigger home, but are even more important when it comes to maximizing the scale of a small living space.
Harmonious home

Via Leanne Ford Interiors living spaces

Clutter and clashing décor elements can crowd an already small place to look and feel even more congested. So make sure to decorate a house that is harmonious in its every element.

6. Scale your favorites

Put those pieces that demand the spotlight in their space to shine by placing them surrounded by smaller versatile elements. Then use regular sized furniture and larger art pieces, mirrors, wall paintings, and more sparingly. So as not to crowd the room, as less can be more in smaller spaces.
Scale Home

Via Architectural Digest living room decorations

Those were our best design tips for making a small living space look and feel larger than life, we hope you can transform your home into the XL solitude you deserve.

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