Red Tree Ribbon with Olive Leaf Detailing

Red Tree Ribbon with Olive Leaf Detailing

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A carefully crafted festive ribbon in a true Christmas red hue with adorable olive leaf detailing on either side of the ribbon. Made with premiere quality tricot, this festive Christmas tree decorative ribbon elevates the beauty of your tree and adds a unique festive opulence to your decorations. 

Irony Home’s Festive Collection features Christmas tree ribbons that add an unparallel festive charm to your Christmas tree, no matter the theme of your festive decorations. Here is what makes our festive ribbon collection exceptionally wonderful:

  1. Thematic Christmas tree ribbons that evoke an authentic festive warmth
  2. Light-weight yet sturdy build for easy placement and stability
  3. Hand-crafted to perfection, with slight variations in individual ribbon
  4. Premier quality decorative accents, up to Irony Home product standards
  5. Safe packaging and on-time delivery to reach you in all its prime

Our ribbons are hand-crafted keeping in mind the expectations and requirements of our valued customers, each Christmas Tree Ribbon designed staying true to the festive spirit.

Product specifications: 5 yard Length x 4" Width