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With top notes of Clover and Fresh-Cut Green Grass, this aromatic scent diffuser finishes with botanical notes of Wild Wisteria and Arabian Jasmine. The perfect home fragrance for people who use and love citrus-based perfumes and colognes. Experience the uplifting fragrance of fresh grass, wildflowers and fruits, with this Diffuser by Irony home. Set the mood for any room with a medley of green aromas.

Fresh cut grass, aromatherapy and clean air, now that's something to look forward to. We’ve blended fragrant botanicals with the invigorating aromas of fresh-cut grass and created an on-trend, contemporary home fragrance for all seasons. Field & Fleur takes you away from it all for a moment in time every day.

The diffuser uses fresh aromatic essential oils that make your personal space fragrant and lively. The product contains a diffuser bottle with essential oils, reeds made out of natural bamboo sticks. The diffuser reeds releases fragrance into the air by allowing the highly concentrated perfumed liquid to seep up through the reeds and evaporate. The reeds will absorb the fragrance and needs to be flipped for complete absorption of the liquid fragrance.

The product is made in an environmentally conscious way, with eco friendly practices and materials.

Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.