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Golden Pinecone Bell Festive Decoration - Set of 6

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Packed with glitter, festive fun, and premier quality, hand-crafted materials, this beautiful striped glitter metallic finish Christmas tree ornament in a captivating rose gold and platinum glitter finish. This ornament will add to the beauty of your festive decorations and set the tone for an opulent celebration all season long.

Our range of assorted Christmas Tree ornaments are unlike any other festive ornaments available on the market due these distinctly versatile features:

  1. Hand-crafted ornaments with paint, glitter, bead, and craft detailing done by our master craftsmen on each individual ornament
  2. Light-wight yet sturdy build for easy placement and stability on the tree
  3. Perfect for both Indoor & Outdoor settings
  4. Made from premier quality materials, up to Irony Home product standards
  5. Safe packaging and on-time delivery to reach you in all its prime

Our ornaments are created keeping the intricacies of their usage in mind, making them an investment that can last you a very long time, from shatter-proof glass ornaments and more fragile acrylic pieces, an assorted collection for all different festive themes, you are bound to find the perfect ornaments that meets all your needs at Irony Home!

Product Dimensions: 4" / 10 cm Diameter