A Mindful Home: The perfect guide on how to decorate your home.


A study conducted by IKEA in 2021 about life at home and patterns of work-home balance in the post-pandemic world show that 93% people think it is important that their home provides them with a sense of comfort. While 53% say relaxing is the most important activity for helping them achieve a sense of wellbeing at home. So the question arises, how does one recreate or decorate their home?

A Mindful Home
While the definitions of comfort and relaxation may vary from one person to another, it is safe to say that both of these qualities are absolute must-haves in any home.
Regardless of the design and décor styles you choose for your living space, at the end of a long day, it is the coziness and the warmth of a true home that will help you unwind and feel truly at peace with yourself.
But where do you start, different sources will give you different advice, but here’s truly the only piece of advice you need; Irony Home’s list of things you can do to create a mindful home:


Creating a mindful home does not mean having to change absolutely everything about your current living space. But what it means is finding what is lacking from your home, that can make it refreshing and stimulating and discarding things that are not fitting to your ideal home anymore.
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A peaceful living space means a peaceful headspace. So you can start small by opening up the windows to let fresh air in. Getting one small house plant to ventilate the room, and adding refreshing scents that will freshen up your home instantly.


Overcrowding your home with too many décor and design pieces that are trying to steal the spotlight might just be what is failing your peaceful homes plans.
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Decluttering will give you the space to reorganize and reanalyze all the things you do require. Also It can help you understand the things that you can afford to discard or temporarily store away.


A lot can be done with a little, be it décor pieces, living space, design styles. The minimalist approach to designing a home focuses on the smaller details that all harmoniously paint a beautiful picture. You can read more about maximizing a small living space on our featured blog Small Space, Large Living 
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Introduce little big changes that ultimately make a massive difference in the way your home looks and feels. Irony Home’s Aromatherapy range is the perfect place to start refreshing your home. This creates a living space that stimulates your mind and creates a mindful home.


Fresh flowers, boxed plants, refreshing scents, nature-inspired décor pieces are small ways you can duplicate the wonderful outdoors in your own home and add a piece of nature to your living space. 
Boxwood Plants
Great options for starting small and welcoming the outdoors, indoor is Irony Home’s boxwood plant collection and Irony Home’s Aromatherapy range. Our Seashell Symphony inspired décor pieces are reminiscent of a beautiful beach day outdoors as well!
In conclusion we hope you find our little pieces of advice in creating a mindful home for yourself helpful. We wish that you have a wonderful time creating a solitude for yourself amidst your busy life!