Red Flocked Peony Christmas Tree Pick- Set of 6

Red Flocked Peony Christmas Tree Pick- Set of 6

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Capturing the true warmth and joy of the festive spirit in an enchanting Red Flocked Peony Christmas Tree Pick, with its versatile and antique charm. Soft snowy detailing on the petal edges of this ruby-red peony tree pick adds to its beauty and steals the spotlight in any setting. 

Christmas Tree Picks from the Irony Home Festive Collection are timeless pieces of festive tradition in an elegant, sophisticated, and classic Irony Home festive style. Our Christmas tree picks are distinguished and an exceptional example of our evergreen festive décor accessory collection. Here's what makes our Christmas Tree Picks so special:

  1. Flexible lengthy stems for easy decorating
  2. Made from lightweight materials for stacking and stability
  3. Hand-crafted to perfection, with unique variations in individual picks
  4. Quality materials, true to Irony Home product standards
  5. Safe packaging and on-time delivery to reach you in all its prime

Creating a festive decoration experience that is easy, elegant, and simply excellent is the Irony Home goal. Shop other festive décor accessories from our Christmas Shop and experience the true festive spirit this season.

Product dimensions: 54cm Length